Sunday, May 27, 2012

change is good.

Summer's comin' up, time for some changes around here.

What do you think? I miss my long hair already, but I like the cute short style. Reminds me of summer! :)

Speaking of changes. And summer. This school year is almost over. Then summer comes. Then you know what happens after summer?

Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan comes out?

Yes. I mean no! That's not--

We get to go see "The Hobbit" in the theaters?

No. I mean yes, but I'm going--

You get to go school clothes shopping!

No! I--wait a second. Computer? Are you...talking to me?


*stares at computer screen for a few seconds*

Um...okay. Anyway, as I was saying, After the summer...get ready...I'm going to highschool.

How weird is that? *sighs* Oh, my gosh. I still can't believe I'm leaving behind MRA and all of my 7th grade friends and favorite teachers for big, scary highschool. MRA, my little charter school gave me the best 3 years of my pre-highschool life. I'm going to miss it so much...

But I'm excited for highschool. It's probably not as big and scary as people make it sound anyway. I actually will get to go school clothes shopping (which I haven't done since 5th grade, before I wore a uniform to school everyday).

I knew it.

But I'm feeling pretty ready. It will be different, that's for sure. But change is good, right?