100 things that make me happy

1. My family
2. Smiling at strangers
3. Eating cookie dough
4. Going running/walking and just taking in the earth's beauty
5. Writing fun things that happened today in my journal
6. Building forts
7. Thrift-store shopping
8. Smelling books
9. Listening to 40's music
10. Hugging my brothers even if they're all like, "ewwwwww..."
11. Writing letters to my sister
12. Improvising on the piano
13. Walking into the house and smelling banana bread
14. Painting my fingernails crazy colors
15. Going to bed early
16. Getting up early and watching the sunrise
17. Writing notes and putting them on my friend's lockers
18. Stargazing
19. Eating special K
20. Making scrambled eggs and putting oregano in them
21. Waking up and remembering that it's my birthday
22. Reading my scriptures on the porch as the sun rises or sets
23. Completing everything on my to-do list
24. Trying new foods
25. Walking around the temple grounds
26. People who laugh a lot
27. Getting lost in a bookstore. On purpose.
28. Pictures of Christ with little children
29. Belting out Disney songs in the car, and listening to Disney songs that are from movies I haven't seen in a long time.....BAM right in the childhood.
30. Looking out window and seeing a rainbow
31. Standing next to the ocean
32. Being barefoot outside in the summertime
33. Stepping on crunchy leaves on the sidewalk
34. Listening to Spanish music
35. That one best friend who I can tell anything to
36. Traveling
37. That long shower after I get back from Girl's Camp
38. The satisfaction of finishing a painting
39. Playing the piano while my best friend plays the violin
40. When it's a little before sunset during the summer and you can hear airplanes and people mowing their lawns.
41. Finally being able to wear sandals with capris because it's warm enough
42. Walking in a big city at night with an umbrella
43. When you have the perfect opportunity to quote a movie in the middle of a conversation
44. When I quote the movie and someone gets the reference
45. Stopping to eat at a fast food place after you win an away basketball game
46. Laughing so hard your laugh becomes silent
47. When me and my friend say something at the exact same time
48. When I finally finish a long project
49. When my friend is telling a  joke and laughing so hard they can barely tell it
50. Saying the word "serendipity" over and over
51. Having those "aha" moments where everything just. makes. sense.
52. Singing primary songs and hymns at YW camp in the forest at night
53. Guess on test question. Get it right.
54. Those days where my hair just looks great
55. Thanksgiving dinner
56. Going out with my grandparents to the movies
57. The feeling after you finish an amazing book
58. When a boy stays behind to hold the door open for you
59. Nailing a song on the organ for sacrament meeting
60. When Kurt tells me he loves me
61. Going to the Olive Garden
62. When one of "Dad's songs" comes on the radio and he starts singing and dancing
63. Thinking about eternity
64. Listening to a Taylor Swift song that perfectly describes my life
65. Then trying to write a song even if it sucks. I love writing songs
66. Reading the scriptures and finding a verse that solves your problem
67. Coming home after a long day and remembering that I cleaned my room
68. When I smile at a random person and they smile back at me
69. When I see a little kid with their mom in the store and they wave at me
70. When my socks match my shirt
71. Smelling flowers
72. Hearing a song on the radio and being able to figure it out on piano in 60 seconds
73. Learning that my favorite music artist or author is LDS
74. When tough guys are sweet to little kids
75. On temple trips when I go into the temple when it's still light outside, and I come out and it's dark
76. When I come to school and there's a note on my locker
77. Actually, surprises are just kind of great
78. When I accomplish a goal
79. When I make an awesome pass to a teammate and they score off it. Yeah...
80. When Kurt tells me he "by goostas" something (me gusta. in case you didn't catch on)
81. When people compliment me on my lazy days
82. When I read pictures books I used to read as a kid
83. Watching a Disney movie and realizing it's just as awesome as it was when you were four
84. Sleeping on the trampoline in the summer and waking up early to watch the sunrise
85. Singing camp songs around the fire at YW camp
86. Waking up on Christmas morning with my little siblings
87. Making my bed and stepping back to admire my work
88. When I reach into my pocket and find money I forgot about
89. When someone asks how I'm doing and they actually want to hear the answer
90. Finding "lol, so true" posts that are so true and laughing about the funny gif ones for hours
91. Seeing something beautiful and whipping out your camera just in time to capture it
92. Watching little kids put on plays and puppet shows
93. Summer lightning storms
94. When people sincerely want to know more about the Church
95. Checking my blog...there's a comment
96. Ice lemonade on a 90 degree day
97. Parents: "Do you guys want to order pizza?"
98. Writing down funny, awesome things that my friends have said
99. Secretly doing kind things for other people
100. Pausing for a second to ponder what an amazing life I have and how lucky I am to be living the one I've got

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  1. Nicole that is amazing I read through all of them I really liked the one where you said I like making letters for my sister:)
    love Lauren:)


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