A Little About Me

Whenever I sit down to write a little blogobiography it's like I forget everything I know about myself. WHO AM I?!

We'll start with the basics. If I could be any type of furniture I'd be a bookshelf.

My favorite word is "serendipity."

 I look fine every day even though I get away with neglecting social norms such as straightening my hair and wearing mascara.

I like smiling.

I really like those homemade flower hair accessories. They're just so cute.

The only food I know how to make really well besides cereal and frozen burritos is scrambled eggs. I like to put little orange peppers and oregano in them. Oh, and Top Ramen. I'm really good at that too. (Cooking it. Not putting it in the eggs.)

I can't get over how cute those flower things are.

I might as well throw in some normal things too. I paint, draw, play piano and basketball, my favorite band is The Script.

I'm a Mormon. I'm so excited to be alive. My dream is to travel the world, and then become a mom (who is also a secret-agent-slash-book-reviewer by night.)

My dream is to own a huge library so I can do this.

Alright, I am really done talking about myself. Let's talk about you. You're pretty cool. In fact. You have now joined the ranks of awesome because you're here at this blog. *Virtual high-five* I bet you're smart, funny, and sing really well too.

Have a most excellent day! Smile a lot. Remember that you special!


  1. hey i love your blog!!!!its amazing!I'm so happy that i found your blog because i think it has changed my perspective on things.i admire how you always love to smile and be happy.you are an amazing daughter of god!!!
    -Leticia :)

    1. Thank you so much, Leticia!! :) (I love your name, by the way.) I'm always happy to find out about people who actually read my blog... :P Thanks for the comment!
      ~Nicole :)
      P.S. If you have a blog or a site or something I'd love to follow you! Meeting new people in the blogosphere is kind of exciting... ;)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thank you:).I recently made a blog...I'll follow you.

    4. I'm not sure if i did it right though lol im still learning

    5. Awesome, I'll follow you too! :)


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