Sunday, June 27, 2010

Youth Conference!

Youth Conference was awesome! So spiritual and fun . . . I truly learned a lot about The Book of Mormon by re-living and acting out the stories like we did here at Youth Conference. Between being a Nephite fighting in a war (of capture the flag) and being like Nephi and having to ask for help to rebuild a bow, this was one of the most amazing times of my life. Dressing like Nephites was sure an experience, and fitting all of your belongings into a round, plastic tub was even harder. :) We learned how to interpret the storied in the scriptures in many different ways, and how to apply the teachings into our lives. The whole experience was a great, spiritual feast, and there is no way I would rather have spent that week.

  Here's a pic of all the youth and the amazing leaders.

The "Tree of Life" re-enactment

All of the tents in the meadow by the lake, in front of a gorgeous sunset

All of the tribal families gathered for a group picture!

Brooke has come great things to say about YC too. Visit her blog post about it at:


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