Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rooster Skit

For Girl's Camp, which was AWESOME, each group had to come up with a skit. At first, our group was going to do something that had to do with our theme, Dr. Seuss, but Laurel Roses suggested a different idea. A skit about a rooster who "fixes" a farmer's problems that he has with his farm. For example: if a chicken won't lay eggs, the rooster sneaks into the yard, and the chicken lays eggs. If a garden won't give fruit, the rooster comes along, and the garden gives eggplants. If a cow won't make milk, the rooster comes, and the cow makes eggnog. Starting to catch on? Well, playing the rooster takes skill, and Brooke Penni was an amazing rooster! The whole crowd of girls at Girl's Camp were laughing their heads off. It was so funny, we were going to perform again at the Ward Camp-out on the 23rd and 24th. But alas, Brooke could not make it. So the rooster role basically fell upon me. It was kind of fun being the rooster, I must say! The video is hilarious, so as soon as I get a copy I'll post it. :)

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  1. Your skit sounds really funny! I'd love to see it posted!


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