Saturday, August 7, 2010

Three down, one to go.

Today I finished River Secrets, book three of what's so far one of my favorite series of books, called The Books of Bayern. I read it in two days, and I loved it. I'm eager to read the fourth and final book in this series, but I don't know where to get it!


  1. They have Forest Born at the Molalla Public Library! Just thought I would let you know!


  2. I have read the first two books and I love them. We read Goose Girl for our book club the first year I lived here. I read Enna Burning last year, so I guess I should read the third one this year. I know it takes me awhile. I need to get it before I move from here because I know this library has it. I did not even know there were that many in the series. Have you read other Shannon Hale books?? I think she has others I guess I do not know for sure

  3. Thanks, Brooke! I'll try to get it soon . . .
    I think I started Princess Academy, but I was too young to appreiciate her great writing style.
    --Nicole :)


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