Monday, November 15, 2010


It's amazing what you can do when you don't have a computer...

Our computer had to be taken in to get fixed, so I have not been blogging for a while now. (Well, it's been a while to me.) I have a major update to do!


I did lots of painting this week. I created two masterpieces, both of which I am very pleased with. The first was for a YW value project, and the other was just for fun.


2. Harry Potter-ed out.

Nathan finished the Harry Potter books two and three, so we thought we'd watch the movies as a reward for finishing them. I haven't seen the movies for so long, so it was fun to watch them late at night with my family.

Only, Lauren decided she like them so much, we watched it four more times throughout the rest of the week. I was very Harry Potter-ed out.


3. YW in Excellence

Young Women in Excellence is when our ward's Young Women group gets together and displays what value projects they've done and talents they've developed. It was so special to see that there are other people with my same standards! 

4. NaNoWriMo!

I officially started my National Novel Writing Month story! I only have about 800 words so far, but it's a good start! :) Is anyone else taking on NaNoWriMo? How is it going for you?

That's all I have for right now.... happy blogging! :)


  1. Nicole, That picture of the temple is AMAZING!! I love it! You are one talented girl.

  2. Wow lady! You've been a busy one!! I love the paintings. Beautiful! So tell me more about this NaNoWriMo. Where'd you hear about it? I want to read yours. Wanna read mine?

  3. Thanks! I heard about NaNoWriMo from my teacher at school last year. I can let you read mine after it's all typed up and pretty, because right now it's very...messy. I want to read yours too!!!
    Nicole :)


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