Tuesday, June 12, 2012

for good.

I still can't believe it happened. I graduated from 8th grade. I'm leaving my little school with all of my wonderful and supportive friends and teachers. I'll never walk the campus there as a student ever again.

These past three years at MRA have been the journey of a lifetime for me. I’ve met so many wonderful friends, so many awesome teachers, and had experiences that I know I’ll never forget. I’ve never felt so passionately about a school and the people in it, that I don’t even think I can call it just a school. It’s like a second home.


Yesterday I graduated, as a part of the first ever graduating class at Molalla River Academy. Today I am a freshman.

At graduation, one of my very best friends, Brooke, and I sang the song "For Good" from the musical Wicked. The song fits my experience with everyone at this school perfectly.

This group of adults right here have inspired me so much throughout this year. I'm so lucky to have had them as my teachers--they have definitely changed me for the better in ways that I can't really explain. They helped me develop my love for learning. They helped me find myself.

So I wrote this song. It’s a song about my friends at this school. Is it cheesy? Yes. But I like it anyway. It reminds me of how MRA taught me how to be a true friend.

I will never, ever forget the feeling that I got after I sang this song to a group of my closest friends. On the very last note, my voice broke because of the lump in my throat. When I looked over, the friend who was sitting on the piano bench next to me had tears streaming down her face. Pretty soon, I was crying too because I knew we all felt the same way about each other. We’re sisters. And no matter what, we’ll always be there for each other, no matter where we go.

So thank you, Molalla River Academy for giving me the best three years ever. I love you. I’ll miss you. And no matter what—I will always remember you. And because of you, the experiences I've had and the people I've met along the way, I have been changed for good.


  1. I just did my 'goodbye' post, too. I love all the pictures. Change really is hard, huh? It's really difficult to wrap up all the feelings of the past few weeks, but you really did it just right in the post. Long live MRA!


  2. It's so sad, the feeling you get when you're finished with something that will never, ever happen again and you loved it so much. I got this feeling last year, and I'd been in a school for three years, with all the same classmates and things wouldn't ever be the same, you know? It's very sad. But it's good to have all those memories. I'm sad for you! But I'm excited that you get to find out what high school is like [and hopefully you like it]. You've got bigger, better memories to make and things to do, but don't forget MRA! :D


    P.S. Jealous! My school ended about three weeks ago ... I wish I had more of it. :(

  3. Nicole:)I love you so endlessly. You are a shining example of good in this world. Thank you for being a fabulous daughter. I'm so pleased with you.

  4. Wish I could hear your song that you wrote! I'm sure it is very moving and sweet. I agree with your mom, you are a shining example of good, and we need all of those we can get.
    Are you familiar with "Godspell", a musical by Stephen Schwartz (of "Wicked" fame)? It is one of my very favorite musicals. It's basically a musical version of the gospel of Matthew...with a few creative liberties taken (like conflating the characters of John the Baptist and Judas, which is weird and in no way theologically correct). I love the music from it, and was in it when my high school did it way back when. There's a pretty hilarious 70s movie version (it came out in the 70s). Anyway, you should check it out if you haven't already. The song "For Good" reminded me of that. You guys performed it beautifully, by the way. I love how both you and Brooke "sing straight" (i.e. you don't try to add melismas and vibrato when it isn't natural). You both have lovely voices.
    Enjoy your summer!!!
    Jenny "Mrs." Cook


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