Sunday, November 4, 2012

my well-deserved time-out

I do believe I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

I had the incredible opportunity to go to Time-Out for Girls with one of my best friends. Basically, we got to listen to these amazing famous LDS speakers sing and give inspiring talks.

It was awesome. (And I mean that--It. Was. Awesome. Not awesome like the new Taylor Swift CD, or the Avengers, or the frozen burrito I had for lunch. Think about the word "awesome." It means something that inspires awe. Human beings should not throw around this word so carelessly unless the thing you're describing is really that awesome. This is one of those times.)

Prepare to be blown away.

John Bytheway was there. Like, the real John Bytheway. The hilarious and inspiring author of three of my very favorite books? The one who remixed Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Trees? Yeah. That was awesome. He is awesome.

Kris Blecher and John Hilton III were also there. John was pretty hilarious too. He talked about getting personal revelation by searching the scriptures. (But when you're mad at someone and you're seeking for peace, and you open up to a scripture that says "slay him" don't do it. Remember to apply the verse correctly.)

Okay. Prepare to be blown away AGAIN.

My friend Brooke just introduced me to this really cool video by Carmen Rasmusen Herbert and Alex Boye. Watch. Inspire yourself.

If that didn't blow you away, this will.


Look! There I am next to a Season 2 American Idol finalist who also happens to be an amazing Latter-Day Saint woman! She is so awesome! I love how even in Hollywood, with all those negative influences around her trying to get her to compromise her standards, she stood firm.  She talked about how true beauty isn't on the outside, but on the inside.

You know who else I got to meet? SANDRA TURLEY. She's a Broadway star who performed in Les Miserables. She was such inspiring speaker. She also didn't give in to the world trying to get her to do things against what she knew was right. Besides that, she has an incredible voice. Like, seriously. This girl was born to be on Broadway.

I admire both of these women because even though they were famous, they decided to end their careers and start families. Carmen said while we were there, "Fame and fortune do not hold a candle to faith and family." I love that. Nothing is more important than faith and family. We want to become who God wants us to be, not what the world does.

One of my favorite parts of the whole day was at the very end when Carmen and Sandra sand "For Good" from Wicked. That song is so special to me, I couldn't believe it when I heard the song starting! Both of them have gorgeous voices and strong spirits, and I hope someday I can be like them.

Laurel Christensen, who wrote my book "He Loves Us and We Love Him" was there too. She said this:

"There is a plan for your life. There is a story that is yours. Just. Yours. What part of your story are you writing today?"

I want to do the best I can to be my best self and write the best life story I can. I needed this time-out so bad. I'm so glad I got to go to this event and feel the spirit.


  1. How awesome are you?! I am not sure if you remember me but I am Tess' old roommate. I love this blog post, I feel like I went to time out for girls! Thanks!

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment, Britt! I love when people stop by. :)

  2. I saw something about this, and I thought it would be cool to go to. You are so lucky! How often do they do them? How are you liking Taylor Swift? :)

    1. I know! I'm not sure how often they do these, but there was just one in Utah recently I think. They probably won't have another one for a while... :(

      Anywho, Taylor Swift's new songs? LOVE them. I like "Red" the best. It's like a painter's dream song. All of my abstract-y, colorful thoughts and feels about love put into perfect words.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. So awesome! Wish I could have gone. I bet you had tons of fun, isn't it amazing to know that stars are real?

    1. I know! It's crazy! I remember thinking that too, when I went to talk to them. It was the strangest thing. I literally thougt, "Huh. They really are just ordinary people like everybody says." Awesome people, mind, but still just regular people.

  4. This sounds amazing!!! wish they had one down here in california.Anyways I love John Hilton! i have one of his books called "what girls need to know about guys/what guys need to know about girls...that book is INCREDIBLE!
    Glad you had fun :)

    1. That book's on my Christmas wishlist! It looks amazing! He was a really funny speaker, I can only imagine how great his books must be. :)


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