Saturday, March 9, 2013

here comes el sol doo-da doo doo

Oh my goodness. This day. NOT A SINGLE CLOUD IN THE SKY.

It was gorgeous.
Last night we had a girl's night at G's house, and I am quite convinced I have the best flippin friends in the whole flipping world. I mean come on, only my friends and me get together for slumber parties and watch Phantom of the Opera and try on each other's clothes and listen to 40's music and sleep with puppies and fit three people on Graci's tiny bed and two on the floor and go to sleep singing Jar of Hearts karaoke (we harmonized very well for midnight, thank you). Only us.
In the morning we walked to the park since the weather was so lovely. Without shoes. It was great.
I got home and since of course when one is with such admirable company as I was at sleepovers, one does not get to sleep until approximately 2:30, I got some beach towels and laid them out on the front lawn and had a nice long nap.
For reals. It was wonderful. Like I legit fell asleep.
What does legit even mean?
Before my nap, I had a little fashion show with myself.
You know you're like sisters when you start borrowing each other's clothes. (Love ya, Graci.)
Spiritual-boost from Pinterest for the week.

Finals. Almost over.
Wishing life came with background music,


  1. I've only been on one sleepover in my life ... but it was amazing! I'm sure it was only almost as amazing as yours ... I got to sleep at 5 AM. But then again it was New Year's.

    I love your fashion show! Legit is short for legitimate, I think. Which is like official.

    I'm so happy it's feeling great again! Once those sticky bits of snow leave I'll smile widest.

    Keep posting!


    1. Hey!

      WHAT?! You guys still have snow? How is that even possible?? :D

      Oh, and LEGIT...I figured that's what it meant. I just don't see why people feel like they have to put it in front of everything they do as if what they did didn't actually happen unless they say it, "Like, LEGIT happened."

      Good to hear from you :)
      Nicole :)


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