Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 Things I've Noticed About Myself

1) I love butterflies, rainbows, circles, dark chocolate, and the color white
2) I am terrified of Ronald McDonald, video game glitches and the huge paper cutter in our classroom (don't ask why)
3) I cannot fall asleep during movies, even when everyone else is asleep
4) It really bugs me when I make a wobbly circle and when people criticize something I've worked really hard on
5) It also bugs me when people say "where are you at" instead of "where are you" (You should never end a sentence in a preposition)
6) I strongly dislike it when I stub my toe on the crooked tile in our kitchen
7) I really like swords and glow-in-the-dark rubber ducks (yes they do relate to each other)
8) Salt and pepper potato chips make me want to throw up
9) My family, white lilies, fire, lightening storms, and the ocean make me happy
10) I'll laugh at almost anything, even when I'm half asleep, especially songs by Weird Al, my aunt pretending to be Collin Craven, or saying the words "giggly lemons"


  1. I will be collin for you anytime.

  2. You're so cute Nicole!! Collin makes me laugh too. Dickon is pretty hilarious too. :)

  3. I hate salt and pepper chips too! Blah! I also can't fall asleep during movies. Even if it is a movie I have seen before! You and I will have to watch movies together so we can keep each other company while everybody else is snoozing!:)

  4. Definately. You should come over soon, Brooke!


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