Tuesday, May 25, 2010

really big art show

We had our art showcase at school on Friday. We display all the art we've done this year. I displayed some of the art from my book, and some of the art I've made with Crayola colored pencils during our boring subjects at school. Our scanner doesn't work right now, so I can only show one of the pictures. But as soon as I send them to my aunt, I can post more of them. Below is my mandala that I made with water colors, and my Laurel Burch cat I made with colored pencils. A mandala is just art in a circular form, and a Laurel Burch cat is a cat with pretty designs on it. Here they are:

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  1. That's so cool Nicole. I hope that I can see some more of your art. Keep drawing, writing, etc. You never fail to amaze me.


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