Sunday, October 30, 2011

Go Gryffindor!!!

Happy Halloween! From Hermione and Ginny (a.k.a. Lauren and Nicole).


  1. Were you Hermione or Ginny? I am confused! Haha! This is a cute picture! I've always wanted to be a Harry Potter character for Halloween or just for fun ... but lack of a stripy scarf, a cloak, and good vision does not help much (like, I could be Harry Potter if I cut my hair ...) Which do you like better?

    1. Thanks, Patricia! I was Ginny :) I had the scarf made for me by someone at church, and don't worry I've got bad vision too...I've had contacts since 4th grade, so that helps. And Hermione vs. Ginny is tough! In the movies I liked Hermione better, but in the books I liked them both the same for different reasons. I admired Ginny's tough-ness, and I connected with Hermione. Thanks for the comment. :)
      P.S. I think you could pull off a couple of HP characters...but if all else fails, you could just be a Hogwarts student! :)

  2. @Tess/Jillian: Thanks guys! :)


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