Saturday, December 24, 2011

latest winter captures

When I think of a "beautiful" season I don't usually think of winter first. But wintertime is truly gorgeous.

These are some pictures I took in the morning the other day when my friend Linden and I went walking around the yard where everything was covered in frozen fog (including our fingers). I love the little frost crystals on the trees and leaves and flowers. It looks like they're all covered in icy fur. :)

All photos © Nicole Pederson 2011

You know what would make this winter even more awesome? Snow.


  1. Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous Nicole. We really are lucky to live in such a magical place, huh?

    Wishing you the merriest Christmas yet,

  2. I know this is coming a little later than Christmas, but I really love these pictures. You should get them published someday, and end up really really famous! I love your blog, and I think you should write more in it. Your blog titles are awesome too! I can't wait to explore it some more. Keep on doing the amazingly artistic things you do!


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