Saturday, November 26, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude V

Well, bloggers, I'm thankful for many things, including my Attitude of Gratitude experience, compliments to Brooke. I'm just going to include one thing on this post (I'm kind of in a hurry, it's 9:15 and my family is about to start Return of the King for our LotR marathon.)

Gorgeous sunrise I got to witness
on the way to school!

This week (this month for that matter) has been non-stop rain. Rain. Rain. More rain. But this morning, I woke up, and our of habit, looked out my window. Sunlight, gorgeous sunlight, was streaming through it. I couldn't believe it. I'm SO thankful for my sunshine! :)

I hope we all enjoyed Thanksgiving, and got a chance to count our blessings! :) Happy Holidays!

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