Thursday, February 21, 2013

bam, right in the childhood

I was looking for Disney songs the other day, just because that's what I do sometimes, and I came across this.

I haven't seen this movie in like, over five years. This just gave me the best kinda nostalgia, ya know? Almost started crying. Hit me right in the childhood.

This doesn't have anything to do with reliving your childhood, but check out what Nicole found at the thrift store...

Oh yeah, baby. I'm rocking that sucker. It matches with literally every shirt I own. AND. It's brand-name Under Armor. Only 20 dolla bills. Yes, please. Tags still on...$69.99 in store.

People at school the other day when I wore it would tell me, "Cute jacket," and I'd just say, "Thrift shop." And every once in a while I'd get one of THOSE looks, like Oh, you're one of THOSE people. Seriously, if you think thrift shopping is lame, just, be gone from me.

Especially after this song just came out. (Don't worry, it's one of the good, clean, cover versions.) Lindsey Stirling just makes everything better.

But hey, haters gonna hate.

This is something awesome,


  1. Right in the childhood is right! It has probably been a good 15 years for me. What?! 15 years is a long time! But now that I have a little Penny of my own I need to buckle down and get that movie already! love you Nicole!


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