Monday, February 25, 2013

on bucket lists and the beach

Hey, y'all! Went to Seaside for my little bro's basketball tournament this weekend. It was cold, and windy, and a little rainy, and very February. Actually, it was just kind of Oregony. But awesome nonetheless!

I was just absolutely in heaven with all these little sea shops all over the place. It was so romantic! (Sorry, been listening to Anne of GG on cd again.)

Vintage candy store...
And this adorable, delicious thing. On the inside of the wrapper there was an exerpt from Romeo and Juliet. ♥
From now all my chocolate must be wrapped in envelope wrappers please. Thank you.
First thing I saw upon entering hotel:
*Angel choir*
Next day we went to Nathan's games, and toured the shops some more.
That streetlight is a starfish. Your argument is invalid.
Okay. Now for the exciting. You might not know this about me, but my life goal as of two weeks ago has been to find a malt shoppe, like from the 50s. You know, you sit at barstools drink milkshakes, listen to Elvis, stuff like that.
So you can understand my freaking out when I found these.


I'm in love.
And then there was this lovely thing.
Swag...'re doing it right.
The beach was freezing and I almost got blown away, but HOLY PRETTY.
Nice man named Tommy making our ice cream. Yummy, yummy, yum. So much yum.
I love Oregon.


  1. Ah! I love Anne of Green Gables! All I did during my last school break was read it. If any book had perfection that was it. I have always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island just because of that book. Anne is awesome!

    1. I need to read all the books, I've only listened to part of the first on tape and watched the movies. Anne is just...THAT CHARACTER, ya know? If I could be anyone, if I could hang out with anyone, if I could be best friends with anyone, if I could have anyone's personality and humor, it would be ANNE. LOVE LOVE LOVE! ♥

  2. LOVE the pictures! Nate and Derek look so much older!!

    Sigh...I miss everything about Oregon, but mostly the Coast! So glad you found your Malt Shoppe. Squee!! I love crossing things off my "bucket list".


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