Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my new favorite thing

I usually never post twice in one day. But when I do, you know it must be important. And this is definitely important.

Take a look at my new favorite thing.

Sweet mini peppers. Oh, my goodness. They're rainbow and yummy and healthy, and anything like that deserves a blog post all to itself. I can eat them plain, or on pizza, or on quesadillas, or on pizzadillas or....

Okay. I'm going to stop now, or I'll keep ranting about them all day. Actually, one more thing. In case you were wondering, this is the pizzadilla I had today. With sweet mini peppers on it.


  1. You want to know what's so awesome (other than your post)? I'm eating some yellow peppers right now. YES, RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT. No joke. So weird...and so awesome!

    1. You are joking. THAT'S AWESOME. Mwahaha, I love peppers.....

      Sorry, that was weird.

      Thanks for the comment. :)

  2. Hi again, Nicole!

    Thanks for your comment, and thanks for bothering to put it there even though we don't know each other ... but we do! Haha. I think you might have learned from Brooke that my comments are NOT relevant at all.

    Well, maybe just a little. Peppers are awesome, 'cept I think I would die eating the spicy ones like my dad (he loves spicy stuff).

    I just looked at your art gallery! It's beautiful. I'm jealous. And looking at your favorite books, we have a lot of similarities! I love Shannon Hale's series: she lives in Utah, an hour's drive from my house! Coolio, eh? Never been to her house ... not a stalker ... :P

    Did you know I know Mindy Gledhill's daughter? She goes to school with me. She's awesome. I taught her how to solve a Rubik's cube. (ya, I can solve one. It's so fun!) :P

    Sorry, I'm just makin' this up as I go. Keep posting!

    1. Hey, Patricia!

      I love your comments! :) I feel bad that I don't comment on other people's blogs that often...And I know, it's weird, I don't know you, but I feel like I do!

      Oh, and I totally agree, I love sweet peppers, but not the spicy ones. *cringes*. Only at the Olive Garden. In salads.

      Oh, and thanks about the art :P I love Shannon Hale too! I would love to live by her! If I could pick authors to have lunch with, she'd definitely be one fo them.

      NO. WAY. YOU KNOW MINDY GLEDHILL'S DAUGHTER?! Woah. Just...woah. (And Rubik's cubes...I wish I could solve one too!) Man, all the cool people live in Utah.

      Thanks for the comment! :))))

    2. You are welcome for the comment!

      I'm sure there are tons of awesome, famous people in Oregon. Called ... you! Okay. That was bad grammar. Whatever!

      I feel like I know you too. 'Cause, I know your face. Whoa stalkerish. You just seem the kind of person who, like me, does not care that somebody lives a few states away to be acquaintances/friends/people. People? Like I'm not a person without friends. Well, I guess I'm sort of not. But any sane person would go insane if they were stuck on an island alone forever. Unless they had turtles.

      You and Brooke should totally record this song that you wrote! I was working on album covers the other day. Amazing how much you can do with a primitive painting program on the computer, and a picture of yourself blowing bubbles.

      ~Patricia, who does not mind posting comments, as long as other people do not mind that they are like, a blog post long.

      OH YEAH! And loves the squiggly thing. ~

    3. Aww, thanks, I feel special! (Don't worry, that's not stalkerish at all...)

      And yeah, I'm really excited to sing the song with Brooke! She made up a violin part to go with it, because she's learning how to play the violin, and she's really good at composing stuff too.

      That's so awesome that you to album covers! I love singing...when I'm home alone I YouTube karaoke songs and sing my heart out. :P And you're "Little Girl" illustration was really beautiful, I can't believe it was just on a "primitive" (haha) painting program!

      ~Nicole, who also loves posting comments that are blog posts long.

      P.S. Me and Brooke were just talking about ~ <--this thing! It's called a tilda apparently! I. Love. Them.


    4. Thank you verily (I like that word!) for that! Tilda was the Snow Queen in Narnia (the name of the actress), and I'm never random at all.

      You should see if you can upload the song or something on your blog. I'm sure everybody would love it (I would!!!!!!!) And that thing about when you're home alone, don't worry, I do that too. Weird people unite! :D

      "Were my eyeballs into bullets turned,
      Then I in turn would shoot them at your face." ~Shakespeare, and no I do not mean that. I just learned a bunch of weird Shakespeare insults ("Thou hast less brain than I have in my elbows") in school a few days ago ... and besides, it'd be out of character NOT to sprout something completely weird once in a comment, right?

      ~Patricia, who can beat you at long comments any day (I can't even remember what I typed at the beginning of this one). But it's a friendly competition!

      P.S. I should talk about ~ <-- the tilda thing to myself for a while, 'cause I love it so much.



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